Red Balloon Early Learning Centers, Inc.

Our Promise.

Your child is the most important gift you've ever been blessed with. At Red Balloon Early Leaning Centers, Inc. we've been serving families and their little ones since 1982. We care with a commitment that is reflected in the faces of our children. We credit those many professionals that work for us and stay committed to you.

We offer consistency with low staff turnover. An environment that respects all children. An atmosphere of safety and security that children need so much. We encourage you to observe our program so that you can see the quality and dedication our staff have to your children. Please note while you are here, that our staff are registered professionals with The State Of Wisconsin Child Care Registry System. They undergo background checks, receive on-going training, are CPR & First Aid trained, SIDS trained, trained in Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness, and OSHA Standards and Bloodborne Pathogens annually.

What we provide.

Creating a warm and friendly environment where children love to learn is what Creative Curriculum is all about. At Red Balloon, we use the Creative Curriculum for lessons and goal setting for each child. Teachers are provided with a daily theme-based guide that is engaging, developmentally appropriate, and fun for your child. At these tender young ages, the environment and learning experiences your child is exposed to are so important! Creative Curriculum promotes loving, caring, learning environments that your child needs and deserves. Creative Curriculum Enrichment areas include; Creative Arts, Dramatic Play, Language Development, Science/Sensory, Math/Manipulatives, Music/Movement, Blocks/Engineering , Outdoor Activities, Academic Options and Character Education.

Children enjoy homemade meals eaten in a family style. Fresh fruits and vegetables are used as often as possible, and our teachers are always encouraging the children to try new foods. Our meals are MSG free, and special dietary planning options are also available. Please see a director if your child has a special diet.

Safety is a top priority at Red Balloon. All locations have a secure system entry into the building as well as surveillance cameras to monitor the activities of the program. Parents/guardians will receive a key card or fob upon enrollment for unlimited access to the building during business hours.

We also offer a new way of communication between classroom teachers and parents/guardians called "Brightwheel." Teachers use Brightwheel for recording and tracking daily events and activities in the classroom. As a parent/guardian, you'll get private, real time updates on your child delivered to your mobile device throughout the day.

Let's take a look at a typical day at Red Balloon Early Learning Centers. Please click HERE

Lets take a look at a typical day at Red Balloon Early Learning Center. Please click HERE

A few past comments...

-Coming from an in-home daycare where the t.v. was on 24/7 and no activities what-so-ever to Red Balloon has been WONDERFUL!!! My son's behavior has totally improved. He's learning great manners. Last week he said at the dinner table. "Can I be excused?"

-My 20 month old daughter loves it. Singing songs and speaking so much more clearly. We love it there!

-My sister and sister-in-law both teach 1st grade, so I know what work/rewards teachers have. Thanks for all you do and the teacher do everyday.

Quick News/Updates

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Savannah Horstman
Talent: Piano, "All of Me" by Jon Schmidt
Platform: Free to be Me - Finding your Ally Within
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The area community has access to our Parent Library. If you are not a client of Red Balloon Early Learning Centers, Inc., but would like more information on an early childhood topic, please call (608) 784-9406 or email us (listed above) to inquire about our library service.